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A Contextual Introduction

  • Rachel Pistol (author)


Rachel Pistol

European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI) Project Management Board at King's College London
Research Coordinator at University of Southampton

Rachel Pistol, author of the Contextual Introduction to this book, is a historian, author, and leading authority on World War II refugees from Nazi oppression and internment during the Second World War. She joined the Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London in 2018 to work on the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI), where she is part of the Project Management Board. Rachel is the National Coordinator of the UK Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI-UK), for which she is based at the Parkes Institute at the University of Southampton. She is also Historical Advisor to World Jewish Relief, formerly the Central British Fund, the charity which helped German and Austrian refugees escape to the UK including the Kindertransport and Kitchener Camp rescues.