José Villaverde, Lucía Ibáñez Luzon, Daniel Balsalobre-Lorente, and Adolfo Maza

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pp. 71–84

5. Current Challenges in the Spanish Energy Market

Chapter 5 by J. Villaverde, L. Ibáñez Luzon, D. Balsalobre-Lorente, and A. Maza summarises the different public initiatives in the Spanish energy market in recent decades, always within the European Union framework. At the same time, it portrays the current turbulent situation, marked by the crisis unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The chapter reviews the historical evolution of the energy mix in Spain, with a focus on the effect that the different energy packages approved by the EC and their implementations have had on it. The chapter concentrates on the Spanish government’s policies and plans, within the guidelines set by the EU, especially Next GenerationEU and REPowerEU, in support of a green transition over the 2020–2030 period.


Lucía Ibáñez Luzon


Daniel Balsalobre-Lorente