Basem Adi

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2. Relational Realism as an Alternative General Sociological Approach

This volume argues that relational realism can help us to make better educational policy that is more effective in practice. Basem Adi draws on critical realism to thoroughly re-examine fundamental assumptions about how government policymaking works, developing an ontological basis from which to examine existing government approaches and imagine an alternative approach based on a relational realist-informed critical pedagogy.


Basem Adi


I am a sociologist interested in the intersection between critical pedagogy and critical realism as a general sociological approach. Specifically, I am interested in the 'relational' turn in critical realism as an epistemic approach that views relations as the first ontological principle when observing and explaining social reality. In the context of knowing and learning, I seek to continuously investigate the implications of the 'relational' turn to think of new ways to relate freedom and directive authority.