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Tatsuya Amano, Longji Bako, Marina Best, Nicolas Boenisch, Philipp Boersch-Supan, Des Browne, Yvonne Buckley, Mark Burgman, Marc W. Cadotte, Stefano Canessa, Samantha H. Cheng, Alec P. Christie, Geoffroy Citegetse, Carly N. Cook, Steven J. Cooke, Gemma Cranston, Lynn V. Dicks, Angelita De la Luz, Iain Dickson, Harriet Downey, Johanna Eklund, Nafeesa Esmail, Paul J. Ferraro, Alison Field, Martin Fisher, Robert Freckleton, Winifred Frick, H. Charles J. Godfray, Matthew J. Grainger, Rhys Green, Mark Hancock, Victoria Hemming, Jonathan Hughes, Robyn Irvine, Hazel A. Jackson, Kaylene E. Keller, Julia Koricheva, Charles Latrémouille, Marissa McBride, Angela R. McLean, Tom McPherson, William H. Morgan, Matt Muir*, Nibedita Mukherjee, David O’Brien, Nancy Ockendon, Danni Parks, Silviu Petrovan, Maud Quinzin, Nicola Randall, Ali Mohammad Rezaie, Dilys Roe, David Rose, Libby Rumpff, Ullrika Sahlin, Nick Salafsky, Stefan Schindler, Tom Sheldon, Ashley T. Simkins, Rebecca K. Smith, Jonathan Spencer, William J. Sutherland, Iroro Tanshi, Nigel G Taylor, Eleanor R. Tew, Des B.A. Thompson, Ann Thornton, Paul Tinsley-Marshall, Thomas B. White, Kate Willott Jeremy D. Wilson, Bonnie C. Wintle, Thomas A. Worthington, Hiromi Yamashita, Lindsay C. Young

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pp. 367–386

12. Transforming Practice

Checklists for Delivering Change

Delivering a revolution in evidence use requires a cultural change across society. For a wide range of groups (practitioners, knowledge brokers, organisations, organisational leaders, policy makers, funders, researchers, journal publishers, the wider conservation community, educators, writers, and journalists), options are described to facilitate a change in practice, and a series of downloadable checklists are provided.


Angelita De la Luz