Harriet Downey, Nicolas Boenisch, Des Browne, Yvonne Buckley, Gemma Cranston, Lynn V. Dicks, Jonathan Hughes, Charles Latrémouille, William H. Morgan, Matthew Muir, David O’Brien, Nancy Ockendon, Dilys Roe, Stefan Schindler, Tom Sheldon, Eleanor R. Tew

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pp. 269–304

9. Creating Evidence-Based Policy and Practice

Transforming conservation depends on evidence being embedded within decision-making processes. This chapter presents general principles for embedding evidence into a wide range of approaches and processes. These include creating action plans (habitat or species), guidance documents, funding applications, policy, business environmental strategies, and management plans, as well as deciding what to fund, what to report or how to construct models. How well evidence is used in these processes can be evaluated through various processes and indices.