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14. Biblical Intertextuality in the French Jane Eyre

  • Léa Rychen (author)
Biblical intertextuality is paramount to the understanding of Jane Eyre. But in the twenty-one different French translations, the web of intertextual references to the Christian Bible has suffered many changes. As the history of Christianity in France dramatically differs from that in England, so too does the place of the Biblical texts and language in the literary culture. A comparison of seven different translations, written between 1854 and 2008, shows that the French translators very often alter the significance of the Biblical allusions, hiding, distorting or cutting the Biblical verses altogether.


Léa Rychen


Léa Rychen is Chief Editor of imagoDei, a French-speaking multimedia platform reflecting on the interactions between culture, the arts, and beliefs. While completing a Master’s degree in English, Spanish, and Translation at the Université de Lorraine in Nancy, France, she worked as a translator for various publishing houses and companies. She then studied Theology and Apologetics at Oxford, where she completed the Certificate in Theological Studies at Wycliffe Hall and the program of OCCA the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. She now lives in Geneva and develops the imagoDei media for the French-speaking world.