Mats Nilsson and Petri Hoppu

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20. Some Reflections on the Minuet

The chapter reflects upon the structural, social, cultural, historical, and embodied dimensions of the minuet. The dance is examined from different perspectives, considering its various contexts in Nordic societies. The dance’s symbolic value is seen to have played an essential role in its preservation in the Nordic countries throughout the centuries. However, it is addressed that if it had not gained such vast popularity as dance, movement, and embodied experience among different groups of people, it would never have survived for such a long time.


Mats Nilsson

Associate Professor (emeritus) in Ethnology in the Department of Cultural Sciences at University of Gothenburg

Mats Nilsson PhD is an Associate Professor (emeritus) in Ethnology in the Department of Cultural Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Among his recent publications in English are the following: 'Dance and Folk Devils' in Bakka et al (eds) Waltzing through Europe, 'From Local to Global: Reflections on Dance Dissemination and Migration within Polska and Lindy Hop Communities' in Dance Research Journal 52/1. In and Out of Norden: Dance and the Migratory Condition, 'Dance and Revival – from a Swedish Perspective.' In Stavělová, Daniela & Buckland, Theresa (eds) Folklore Revival Movements in Europe post 1950. Shifting Contexts and Perspectives.

Petri Hoppu

Principal Lecturer at the Department of Media and Performing Arts at Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Petri Hoppu PhD studied ethnomusicology at the University of Tampere, Finland, and graduated in 1995. He continued his studies in Tampere and wrote his doctoral thesis (1999) on the minuet in Finland. Today he is a Principal Lecturer at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences and Adjunct Professor (Docent) in dance studies at Tampere University. His areas of expertise include theory and methodology in dance anthropology as well as research of Skolt Saami dances, Finnish-Karelian vernacular dances and Nordic folk dance revitalization. He has been a project manager of several research projects, including Dance in Nordic Spaces (2007–2012) and KanTaMus (developing common pedagogy for folk dance and music, 2021–2023). He has written several peer-reviewed articles and co-edited the book Nordic Dance Spaces: Practicing and Imagining a Region (2014) with professor Karen Vedel and Dance Research Journal 52 (1) Special Issue In and Out of Norden - Dance and the Migratory Condition (2020) with professor Inger Damsholt. He has been the editor of the only annual Nordic folk dance research journal, Folkdansforksning i Norden, since 2002. He has been on boards of international dance scholars’ associations and giving lectures at universities in Europe and the US.