Göran Andersson and Elizabeth Svarstad

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19. New Forms and Contexts of the Minuet in the Nordic Countries

The chapter examines various revival movements engaged with the minuet in the Nordic countries. The term revival refers here to attempts and efforts to bring back into practice dances that are about to lose their position as regular social dances. They may also have been out of use so long that they can only be reconstructed from descriptions or composed as new dances with references to historical sources. In particular, the chapter discusses the activities of dance groups whose repertoires mainly consist of historical dances of upper classes.


Göran Andersson


Göran Andersson has worked as a dance pedagogue and archivist, and as an archivist he has established a dance archive. He has worked with historical dances for a long time, both theoretically and in practice, and he has taught historical dances as well. He has written several articles and books about Swedish dance, mainly from a historical perspective.

Elizabeth Svarstad

Assistant Professor in Baroque Dance at Norwegian Academy of Music

Elizabeth Svarstad PhD is an Assistant Professor in baroque dance at The Norwegian Academy of Music. She holds a Master of Arts and a PhD in dance studies from The Norwegian University for Science and Technology. Educated dancer from The Norwegian Academy of Ballet, she works as a dancer, choreographer and teacher and has participated in and created a vaste number of performances in Norway and abroad. Among her research articles are 'Traces of Dance and Social Life: A Dance Book and its Context' in Relevance and Marginalisation in Scandinavian and European Performing Arts 1770–1860. Questioning Canons, edited by Randi Margrete Selvik, Svein Gladsø and Annabella Skagen. London: Routledge, 2021, and 'Dance and Social Education in Early Nineteenth-Century Christiania' in Performing Arts in Changing Societies edited by Randi Margrete Selvik, Svein Gladsø and Anne Margrete Fiskvik /Taylor and Francis, 2020), 'Kort Udtog: A Danish Translation of Gottfried Taubert’s Kurtzer Entwurff Der Nutzbarkeit Des Künstlichen Tantz-EXERCITII (1727) ' in Tauberts Rechtschaffener Tantzmeister (Leipzig 1717) edited by Hanna Walsdorf, Marie-Thérèse Mourey, and Tilden Russell (Verlag Frank & Timme, 2019), and Svarstad, Elizabeth, and Nygaard, Jon. 'A Caprice – The Summit of Ibsen's Theatrical Career' in Ibsen Studies 16, no. 2 (2016): 168–85.