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8. The Minuet in Denmark 1688–1820

  • Anders Chr. N. Christensen (author)
The chapter presents the minuet as a dance form of different social classes in Denmark, from the seventeenth until the early nineteenth century. It addresses the significance of the dance as part of the Danish court but also in early urban culture and among the peasants. The chapter also discusses the role of the minuet in nineteenth-century dance schools where dance teachers deliberately kept it as a part of their repertoire although the dance no longer was popular in social dancing.


Anders Chr. N. Christensen


Anders Chr. N. Christensen MA is born in Holstebro and worked as an academic assistant at Dansk folkemindesamling (Danish folklore archives) from 1992 until his retirement. He has a master's in Folkloristics from Department of Folkloristics at Copenhagen University where he has also worked as an external lecturer. He has been an hourly teacher at the folk music department at the Funen Conservatory of Music. He recorded folk life accounts and folk music from 1972, eventually in cooperation with the Folk music house in Hoager and the Danish folkore archives. In 1977 he also took up video recording of dance. He has researched Danish folk dances, including the minuet, and published multiple books and articles about dance history and practice. His extensive ethnographic fieldwork has concentrated on Danish traditions in Denmark but includes a fieldtrip to the Caribiens. He participated in Nff projects from 1981 and contributed to Gammaldans I Norden, Nordisk folkedanstypologi and Norden I dans. Other publications are: Christensen, A. C. N. (1999). Monnevet og Mollevit. Folk og kultur, årbog for dansk etnologi og folkemindevidenskab. 28(1) 94-126. and Sang til Dans. Traditioner er mange ting: festskrift til Iørn Piø på halvfjerdsårsdagen den 24. august 1997, 1997, 88: 122.