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4. Nordic Dancing Masters during the Eighteenth Century

  • Anne Margrete Fiskvik (author)
The chapter investigates the role of the dancing master and their teaching of the minuet in the Nordic countries in the latter part of the eighteenth century and onwards. The focus is on the role they played and the material they used when they taught the minuet. The chapter draws on examples from Norway and the other Nordic countries and includes some short case studies of both female and male dance teachers.


Anne Margrete Fiskvik


Anne Margrete Fiskvik PhD works as professor of dance studies at the Department for Musicology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim. Previously a professional dancer and choreographer, she has pursued an academic career and today her main research areas are within dance and music history. She has especially been interested in Norwegian theatre dance and itinerant practices during the 18th and 19th centuries. Fiskvik was a member of the research projects Performing Arts between Dilettantism and Professionalism (pArts) and Dance in Nordic Spaces. Fiskvik is also a certified dance movement therapist and interested in health aspects of dance. Her most recent publication includes the editing of Dance Articulated 8 (1) Special Issue Dance. A way towards health and well being (2022). Some of her recent publications dealing with dance historie(s) include the co-editing of the anthology Performing Arts in Changing Societies: Opera, Dance and Theatre in European and Nordic countries around 1800 (Routledge, 2020), as well as the article 'Renegotiation Identify Markers in Contemporary Halling', published in Dance Research Journal vol. 52 (1), (2020).