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2. Situating the Minuet

The chapter looks at the current state of research on the minuet, focusing on the naming of the dance and how it corresponds to one or more basic movement structures. Secondly, it investigates the dance’s distribution in time and space and whether it can be compared to contentions and ideas about its “origin” or whether political and social references have had an impact on the dance’s status. The chapter make excursions into the European context, including research, even if the book is mainly concentrated on the forms and the roles of the dance in the Nordic countries.


Egil Bakka

Professor Emeritus of Dance Studies at Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Egil Bakka was the founding Director at the Norwegian Centre for Traditional Music and Dance (1973-2013) and is professor emeritus of Dance studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He built and chaired the programme for dance studies at his university and initiated the NOFOD Nordic master programme with Danish, Finnish and Swedish colleagues and the Choreomundus Erasmus international master’s in dance Knowledge, Practice and Heritage with colleagues from France, Hungary and UK. He was the first academic coordinator of both masters. He held many positions as chair or board member of national and international organisations, institutions, research projects and conferences, has seven honorary membership and prizes and is Commander of the Royal St. Olav Order. He has conducted extensive fieldwork in Norway and the Faroe Islands and had tasks in the UNESCO environment with the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Publications: Bakka, Egil et al. ed., Waltzing through Europe: Attitudes Towards Couple Dances in the Long Nineteenth-Century (Open Book Publishers, 2020), Bakka, Egil, 'Dance and Music in Interplay: Types of Choreo-Musical Relationships in Norwegian Heritage', in Diverging Ontologies in Music for Dancing European Voices V, ed. by Ardian Ahmedaja (Wien: Böhlau Verlag, 2023), pp. 29-50