Isabel Rocha de Siqueira

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pp. 151–180

How to Act Responsibly

This chapter is about responsibility and duty. One thing that all the people in this book have in common is their unrelenting belief in the future, their hope for the next generation and their understanding that they have the responsibility to build a sense of responsibility and duty among younger people. There is no room for pessimism.
Motivations vary but this thread is present in many of the stories recorded here. It is important to consider what difference this might make for organisations like those of the g7+, and how it might be harnessed somehow. For anyone living in a country that has seen its share of crises – not necessarily a g7+ member country – it’s not difficult to relate to the feeling that, whilst there is nothing wrong with wanting to live elsewhere, the fact that some people decide to work in difficult contexts is a vital part of any potential path forward for these countries.


Isabel Rocha de Siqueira