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Valente Tallabs; Mathias Nebel

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pp. 321-346

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25 pages

11. Assessing the Nexus of the Common Good

The Case of the Municipality of Atlixco, Mexico

In this case study, Valente Tallabs and Mathias Nebel apply the matrix of common good dynamics to the municipality of Atlixco, in the State of Puebla (Mexico). The chapter identifies and aggregates quantitative data to build each of the five key drivers of the matrix. It then proceeds to diagnose the dynamics of the nexus in Atlixco in terms of a simple ‘traffic light’ for each of the dimensions of the matrix. The case study highlights the possibility of framing the socio-political analysis of a municipality in terms of a common good dynamic, highlighting some deep structural deficiencies, as well as strengths, of the municipality.


Valente Tallabs