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7. Organising Common Good Dynamics


  • Rodolfo De la Torre (author)
In this chapter, Rodolfo de la Torre explores a possible metric for the justice component of the common good matrix. He structures his reflection through three major points. (a) Justice cannot be reduced to a separate dimension, isolated from the agency, humanity, governance and stability components of the common good. However, it makes sense to distinguish this dimension for analytical and measurement purposes. (b) It is convenient to conceptualise the component of justice of the common good as dealing with the fair generation of social goods and the possibility of shared benefits. So procedural and distributional aspects of justice are and must be involved. (c) Freedoms and rights are ways to approach the procedural aspects of justice. Equality of results and equality of opportunity are key to its distributional aspects. Both elements play a role in the concept of justice and should therefore be the feature on which indicators for the dimension of justice are based.


Rodolfo De la Torre