Oscar Garza-Vázquez; Viviana Ramírez

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pp. 103-140

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3. Design and Reflection on the Metric of Common Dynamics

  • Oscar Garza-Vázquez (author)
  • Viviana Ramírez (author)
This chapter relies on the theoretical knowledge provided in previous chapters to present the metric and indicators proposed to capture the quality of the dynamic of the common good at the municipal level. The chapter reflects on the processes, challenges and lessons of translating the theoretical framework into a practical instrument of measurement in order to guide policy efforts. Oscar Garza-Vázquez and Viviana Ramirez begin by discussing the importance of developing a metric to operationalise a common good approach and how it may contribute to development practice. They argue that this metric adds insights to development practice by making visible and tangible two factors that have been neglected in traditional measures of development: (a) the socio-structural aspect of development and (b) the relational dynamic processes underlying social changes. Then, they present and discuss each of the dimensions and indicators used to bring to life the matrix of the common good’s dynamic presented in Chapter 2. Finally, they conclude by pointing out future challenges if the metric is to be used to guide policy and decision-making at the local level.


Oscar Garza-Vázquez


Viviana Ramírez