Carmen Martinez-Vargas

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6. The South African DCR Project

Undergraduates as Researchers

  • Carmen Martinez-Vargas (author)
Chapter Six clarifies how the DCR process unfolded and what the DCR team did in each of the workshops, emphasising the valued capabilities highlighted in the previous chapter. Thus, this chapter presents the participatory project via the data from interviews and students’ perspectives. Nevertheless, data from journals and participant observation also problematise the power imbalances within the group and debates on participatory literature. This chapter provides researchers with a case study that, although focused on the Global South, is still valuable for Global North practitioners. It offers guidance on how to implement participatory workshops with co-researchers following the DCR framework, while remaining aware of the tensions, contradictions, and challenges of a participatory project. After reading this case study, international practitioners will be able to implement a DCR project and alter their practices according to the context, whether Global South or North.


Carmen Martinez-Vargas