Cécile Armand

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pp. 119-128

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8. MADSpace

A Janus-Faced Digital Companion to a PhD Dissertation in Chinese History

  • Cécile Armand (author)
Cécile Armand extends the call for rethinking the nature of the dissertation and academic argument in general. In 'MADSpace: A Janus-faced Digital Companion to a PhD Dissertation in Chinese History', Armand describes a digital database she created as a companion to her dissertation in Chinese history. This companion allowed her to make use of primary source materials that are not typically considered in scholarly work; these include newspaper advertisements as well as ‘professional handbooks, business materials, municipal archives (including correspondence, regulations and technical sketches), street photographs, and to a lesser extent, original maps and videos’. Although Armand’s first concern was the creation of a permanent home for these materials, this database actually impacted the written portion of her dissertation project since it allowed her a spatial view of her subject, for instance, which opened up new insights.


Cécile Armand