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Katherine Walden; Thomas Oates

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pp. 107-118

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11 pages

7. Navigating Institutions and Fully Embracing the Interdisciplinary Humanities

American Studies and the Digital Dissertation

  • Katherine Walden (author)
  • Thomas Oates (author)
Katherine Walden and her advisor, Thomas Oates, describe the questions they contended with and the steps taken to create and defend Walden’s interdisciplinary digital thesis project in the field of American Studies. While there are signs of the field’s recent support for and of digital scholarship, they note, many questions remain. And since many of the obstacles to Walden’s dissertation were logistical and administrative in nature, her dissertation became a springboard to a larger conversation among faculty at the University of Iowa. Walden and Oates argue for the power of a precedent, and their chapter joins the expanding catalogue of models, offering both conceptual and instrumental advice to future doctoral students as well as their advisors.


Katherine Walden


Thomas Oates