Kathie Gossett; Liza Potts

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pp. 49-64

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4. #DigiDiss

A Project Exploring Digital Dissertation Policies, Practices and Archiving

  • Kathie Gossett (author)
  • Liza Potts (author)
Outlining the trials and tribulations of archiving born-digital dissertations, Kathie Gossett and Liza Potts detail a study they have conducted over more than a decade, the ultimate goal being the formation of a persistent, searchable database of these projects. The results of a National Endowment for the Humanities funded workshop conducted with stakeholders from several academic institutions, Gossett and Potts note their current focus as they partner with the Humanities Commons framework and also work on establishing a network of like-minded scholars for support when working in non-traditional formats.


Kathie Gossett


Liza Potts