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Sean McAleer

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pp. 75-92

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17 pages

4. Blueprints for a Platonic Utopia

Education and Culture, Books II and III

  • Sean McAleer (author)
Chapter of: Plato's 'Republic': An Introduction(pp. 75–92)
Chapter Four, ‘Blueprints for a Platonic Utopia: Education and Culture’, examines Socrates’ account of education in the ideal polis, focusing especially on informal, cultural education in music and poetry. We will explore the fascinating connections Socrates draws between aesthetic and moral development, especially the role that poetic and musical style play over and above content. We then discuss Socrates’ rather disturbing attitude toward disabled citizens before focusing on the famous Noble Falsehood, which concludes Book III, discussing the role that myth, especially myths of origin, play in civic self-understanding.


Sean McAleer