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pp. 199-214

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13. Sanditon and Suspense

  • Nora Bartlett (author)
Chapter of: Jane Austen: Reflections of a Reader(pp. 199–214)
This chapter explores Jane Austen's unfinished Sanditon and its characters, particularly Mr. Parker and Diana. Sanditon is compared to Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. Bartlett examines the closing chapter that was dropped from Persuasion; how it differs from the two chapters that replaced it; and a characteristic shared by that cancelled chapter and Sanditon. There is a discussion of Sanditon's problems and positive qualities. Bartlett discusses Sanditon and contrasts it with Austen's other villages. Next, the author examines Austen's "steady and sensible" viewpoint; her interest in wild imaginations; and invalidism in Sanditon. Bartlett discusses how nursing moves the plot in Austen’s novels; a peculiarity in Sanditon regarding nursing; and suspense (including use of delay; concealment; wit and feeling; and pace) in Austen's novels, particularly Sanditon.


Nora Bartlett