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9. Emma in the Snow

  • Nora Bartlett (author)
Chapter of: Jane Austen: Reflections of a Reader(pp. 149–154)
In this chapter, Bartlett examines how Jane Austen's significant use of weather contradicts beliefs that she is a writer with a narrow compass. Bartlett discusses the seasons covered in Austen's novels—winter being in each novel, but Emma being the only one with a snowfall. Austen's perceived feelings about snow—and how those feelings may have found their way into her novels, are explored. Bartlett presents her own feelings on snow and describes the impact of different types of weather on the characters’ behaviour in Emma, particularly snow in chapter fifteen; there is a closer look at where the main action of this chapter takes place, as well as this chapter's focal characters (and their descriptions). The similar behaviour (regardless of the weather) of George Knightly and Emma, as well as their suitability for each other, is touched on. Finally, Bartlett takes a closer look at the belief that Austen rarely uses symbolism in her writing; how her treatment of weather contradicts this belief; and the impact of weather and war on characters.


Nora Bartlett