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Nora Bartlett

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pp. 19-40

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21 pages

2. Sense and Sensibility

  • Nora Bartlett (author)
Chapter of: Jane Austen: Reflections of a Reader(pp. 19–40)
In this chapter, Bartlett shares why Sense and Sensibility is her favourite among Jane Austen's novels. Discussed are this novel's history and criticism; the role of Austen's early manuscripts in her family life; and the role of her plays in her writing (particularly Sense and Sensibility). Next, Bartlett takes a look at humour, as well as mourning, in this novel. She further examines the novel's narration; "silence"; and Dashwood sisters, including a contrast to one another, in terms of desire for control of feeling. The impact that a concern for certain details (of money, food, clothing, or health) has on Austen’s characters is also discussed. Next, a look at Mrs. Dashwood; and comparisons of this novel to Pride and Prejudice. There is an examination of the importance of the two scenes that end Volume I and begin Volume II, including a closer look at Lucy and Anne. Bartlett discusses "sense and sensibility"; comic misapprehension; and the subject of the novel. Finally, she ends her examination with a look at the impact of Edward's announcement.


Nora Bartlett