Amanda Starling Gould

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4. Kitting the Digital Humanities for the Anthropocene

Digital Metabolism and Eco-Critical DH

  • Amanda Starling Gould (author)
As our landscapes of digital stuff continue to expand and connect, it is imperative we devise a toolkit for thinking (and doing) that tends to the environmental pulses of our digital condition. It is time now, if it isn’t already too late, to enact a spongier digital-material-humanities form of knowledge-production that is tailored to the concerns of our emerging Anthropocenic humanities and that absorbs the full force of our interconnections. A deliberate environmental intervention is not only an obvious response but also an opening: it plants our field securely within the earth, opens us to seeing our tools as environmental artifacts, and urges us to use our talents for doing earth work.


Amanda Starling Gould