Zoe Craig-Sparrow; Grace Nosek-Sparrow

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pp. 247-252

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Saving the Boat

  • Zoe Craig-Sparrow (author)
  • Grace Nosek-Sparrow (author)
It is fitting that the closing essay of Earth 2020 offers a youth perspective, looking to the future of our planet. Together, Craig-Sparrow and Nosek are grappling with the peril our world and our future faces. Our rapidly warming planet is pushing strained social and ecological systems to the brink, threatening all life on earth. This pressure is increased by powerful society forces, such as the fossil fuel industry and its allies, who have spent millions of dollars undermining climate science and action, leaving many people unaware of the true dangers we face and sowing doubt about whether climate change is real and human-caused. As a result, governments have been slow to act, with very few politicians demonstrating the courage to speak out on behalf of our planet. However daunting this situation is, Craig-Sparrow and Nosek assert that we must take our cue from youth climate strikers and Indigenous-led organizations, both groups which are developing creative, collaborative solutions to the climate crisis. This chapter is a rallying cry to action: despite the fact we face an uncertain future, we must still show up and fight for our planet.


Zoe Craig-Sparrow


Grace Nosek-Sparrow