Jennifer Edmond; Laurent Romary

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pp. 49-80

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31 pages

3. Academic Publishing

New Opportunities for the Culture of Supply and the Nature of Demand

In this chapter, Edmond and Romary examine the complex interaction between production and consumption of scholarly literature. First, they explore the strengths and appeals of print publishing as opposed to electronic counterparts, highlighting an interesting tension in reader response – that readers prefer the long, written form of the monograph despite research evidence that suggests readers no longer read sources from start to finish. Next, they identify a disconnect between the needs and choices of the writer as well as the reader, and consider issues of formality and informality in relation to new and traditional methods of research outputs. In turn, they highlight the challenge of supplementing traditional forms with smaller units of scholarly production in a way that is verifiable, in-depth, sustains argument, and does not simply mimic monographs. The issue of evaluation in scholarship is then discussed, and institutional and cultural barriers to change are identified in terms of protection and authority. Edmond and Romary ultimately argue that it is not technology that has to change for alternative methods to emerge, become normalised and accepted; but that the culture of the institutions and disciplines needs to stretch to accommodate these possibilities.