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Danang Parikesit; Said Basalim; Wiratno Wahyu Wibowo

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pp. 281-326

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45 pages

11. The Critical Importance of Land Transport when Considering Port Development

The Case of Three Indonesian Ports

The eleventh chapter discusses the intricate relationship between ports and their hinterland and the critical importance of land transport when considering port development. The chapter considers the integration between a port and an industrial area. Multimodal operations of ports are discussed through a comprehensive review of the international literature which considers the following issues: regionalisation and spatial control, structural and organisation challenges of multi-mode port operation, and the disruption of land access to ports. Three Indonesian port case studies are then presented: Belawan Port in Medan, North Sumatera; Tanjung Priok Port in Jakarta; and Tanjung Perak/Teluk Lamong Port Terminal in Surabaya. The case studies touch on a variety of issues: traffic congestion in and around ports; control of inbound and outbound traffic at ports; empty trips; land-use management and local-through access traffic separation; dedicated toll access; the use of inland waterways as an alternative transport mode; dedicated rail service from an industrial area/ special economic zone; expansion of rail services; use of intermodal systems; IT solutions; the green port concept; inter terminal freight transport; infrastructure that can guarantee efficient freight movement. The chapter concludes with several policy recommendations.