Jody Butterworth; Andrew Pearson; Patrick Sutherland; Adam Farquhar

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pp. 139-170

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6. On the ground

The last chapter rounds out the information of the previous one by providing practical advice for while in the field, as well as an outline of the necessary preparations to be taken before departing to the project site (such as visas and medicines). The remainder of the chapter covers possible site-based problems to anticipate, which can be detected through a risk assessment. This chapter also emphasizes the importance of awareness of local politics and bureaucracy, copyright permissions and open access, and local liaison and partnerships. It further outlines how to effectively manage expectations of a project, how to conduct good communication, and how to manage staff. Finally, it examines good financial management practice and the importance of outreach and publicity of the project. Each section includes a list of testimony to illustrate each one's importance.


Jody Butterworth


Andrew Pearson


Patrick Sutherland