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Soso Tham

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pp. 65-70

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11. Ka Meirilung – Gentle Motherland

  • Soso Tham (author)
In the plaintive lyrical opening of this section, Soso Tham draws attention to the unanswered question concerning the historical origins of the Khasis. But he then steers them gently away from the bondage of accepting positions undermining their sense of self. Once again, he sees the natural world as a source from which to draw upon for moral strength. He lists the forethought and ingenuity of those who led before – ‘Dimly they glimmer, one or two’, he describes the codes of warfare, and most importantly he names the luminaries who fought with pride and integrity. It is in the last verse that Tham highlights what is or should be the lasting legacy of his forebears, a principle which we would be foolish to ignore –Boundaries defined, rights respected…Of mutual concern – another’s welfare another’s woe. These words carry a message no less relevant to a troubled world even beyond the frontiers of the Khasi and Jaiñtia Hills.


Soso Tham