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Soso Tham

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pp. 31-34

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6. Pyrthei Mariang – The Natural World

  • Soso Tham (author)
The natural descriptions here are just as beautiful as in the preceding section but the poignancy is sharpened because they are set down in a mood of sad recollection. This is why the poet begins this section with a plea for inspiration as he seeks to fulfill his task of restoring the wonder and virtues of the past. This long look into the past from a present that is found to be wanting, creates a seam of tender pain which runs right though the composition springing from the tension that exists between what was, what is and what still might be. This in fact is a feature of a composition illustrating how the past, the present and the future coexist in a relationship of troubling unease. The poet goes in search of U Sohpet Beneng who represents the now severed umbilical cord that once linked Heaven and Earth and is ‘the He whom I love’ now lost to humankind. U Sohpet Beneng is thus shown to be the mediator between God and Man.


Soso Tham