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Coppélie Cocq

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pp. 53-74

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21 pages

3. Exploitation or Preservation? Your Choice! Digital Modes of Expressing Perceptions of Nature and the Land

  • Coppélie Cocq (author)
This chapter presents a case study of two YouTube videos disseminated as part of an activist campaign against mining in Sweden’s Sámi region. The choice of aesthetics, language, and principles of form indicates that the producers designed their videos according to the “media logic” of activist media. Detailed descriptions of the videos demonstrate how elements such as music, images, and narrative structure express, shape, and convey the activists’ message. The videos are used to create a space for marginalized voices and counter discourses, and for diffusion of information. While the videos do not invite dialogue with viewers, they give an illusion of interaction with a call to action: “you” can choose how the narrative will continue, how it will end.


Coppélie Cocq