Digital Editions and eBooks

Complete digital versions of all our books are made freely available online via our website. You can find the link on each book's main page. These versions can be read on any computer or mobile device that is connected to the Internet.

In addition to these free online editions, downloadable and printable pdfs can be purchased for all our titles. We also offer ebook files (in either ePub or mobi formats), although currently these are only available for select titles.

The table below shows the compatibility of our digital formats with a selection of hardware devices:

Hardware Reader   PDF ePub Mobi
Amazon Kindle 1  No  No  Yes 
Amazon Kindle 2, DX  Yes  No  Yes 
Amazon Kindle 3  Yes  No  Yes
Amazon Kindle Fire Yes  No  Yes 
Android Devices  Yes  Yes  Yes [1] 
Apple iOS Devices (incl. iPad) Yes  Yes  Yes [1] 
Azbooka WISEreader  No  Yes  Yes 
Barnes & Noble Nook  Yes  Yes  No 
Barnes & Noble Nook Color  Yes  Yes  No 
Bookeen Cybook Gen3, Opus  Yes  Yes [2]  Yes [2] 
COOL-ER Classic  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Foxit eSlick  Yes  Yes  No 
Gnu/Linux Operating System Yes  Yes Yes
Hanlin e-Reader V3  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Hanvon WISEreader  Yes  Yes  No 
iRex iLiad  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Iriver Story  Yes  Yes  No 
Kobo eReader  Yes  Yes  No 
Mac OS X Yes  Yes Yes
Nokia N900  Yes  Yes  Yes 
NUUTbook 2  Yes  Yes  No 
OLPC XO, Sugar  Yes  Yes  No 
Onyx Boox 60  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Windows PC  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Pocketbook 301 Plus, 302, 360°  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Sony Reader  Yes  Yes  No 
Viewsonic VEB612  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Windows Phone 7  Yes  Yes  No 
[1] Requires latest firmware
[2] Allows either ePub or Mobi

How to transfer MOBI files to your device:

    - Download the MOBI file to your computer.
    - Using the USB/charging cable provided with the Kindle, connect your Kindle to the computer.
    - Drag and drop the file to your Kindle's "documents" folder, using your computer's file browser.
    - When done, eject the Kindle’s disk icon (right-click on the icon and choose "Eject.”).

You can also email the content to your Kindle email address, which you can find under the 'Manage Your Kindle' menu.