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Lifestyle in Siberia and the Russian North
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Note on transliteration

In the main text of this volume, certain geographic and other terms widely known to an English-speaking readership are given in their conventional forms (e.g. Buryatia, intelligentsia, Moscow, Yakutia). All other words and phrases transliterated from Cyrillic script are rendered in accordance with the ALA-LC (American Library Association and Library of Congress) romanisation table, available at https://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/romanization/russian.pdf, with the exception of the Cyrillic letters е, ю, я — rendered in this volume as ye, yu, ya when at the beginning of a word. Words and phrases from Sakha language may also include ө, ү and h, rendered in this volume as ö, ü and h.





А а

A a

Р р

R r

Б б

B b

С с

S s

В в

V v

Т т

T t

Г г

G g

У у

U u

Д д

D d

Ф ф

F f

Е е

e Ye* ye*

Х х

Kh kh

Ё ё

Ë ë

Ц ц

Ts ts

Ж ж

Zh zh

Ч ч

Ch ch

З з

Z z

Ш ш

Sh sh

И и

I i

Щ щ

Shch shch

Й й

I i


К к

K k

Ы ы

Y y

Л л

L l


М м

M m

Э э

E e

Н н

N n

Ю ю

iu Yu* yu*

О о

O o

Я я

ia Ya* ya*

П п

P p

*at the beginning of a word

Publications in Russian and Sakha are referenced in accordance with the above transliteration; publications in English of authors from Russian-speaking countries are referenced in accordance with the respective publication itself. For this reason, the rendering of names may differ.

Note on translations

Unless marked otherwise, all the research project’s interviews quoted in this volume were conducted in Russian, and translated by the respective author(s). Likewise, translations of material quoted from Russian publications (books, articles, online sources, etc.) have been made by the author(s) of the respective chapter, unless indicated otherwise.