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Benjamin L. Bullen; Ronald A. Sherman; Paul J. Chadwick; Frank Stadler

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pp. 97–118

6. Clinical Integration of Maggot Therapy

The integration of maggot therapy into clinical practice is not a trivial undertaking as it has to overcome social, regulatory, clinical, organisational, financial, and supply-chain-technical barriers. For example, rejection of the therapy by patients due to the ‘Yuk’ factor is frequently raised as a reason why maggot therapy will not be feasible. Likewise, logistics problems often hamper reliable supply. This chapter identifies these barriers and shows that in some instances they may be more assumed than real, as is the case with the ‘Yuk’ factor, and that there are tangible solutions for the implementation of maggot therapy programmes, such as supply-chain innovations or socially-minded business models that prioritise patients over profits. In addition, there is a growing body of information and training resources available from medicinal maggot producers, practitioner organisations, and biotherapy advocates that supports the establishment of maggot therapy programmes.


Benjamin L. Bullen


Ronald A. Sherman


Paul J. Chadwick