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Lena Redman

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pp. 205-236

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31 pages

13. Writing a Dissertation with Images, Sounds and Movements

Cinematic Bricolage

  • Lena Redman (author)
Dismissing the epistemological confines of traditional thesis composition software such as MS Word, Lena Redman (aka Elena Petrov) devises her own theory of multimodal creativity by analyzing what she calls ‘deep remixability’ and its interdependence with ‘cinematic bricolage’ as a research methodology. Her thesis, composed with InDesign and the Adobe Cloud, employs mnemonic material and autobiographical information to enhance what Redman calls feedback loops. These loops deepen the researcher’s individualization of knowledge as her intellectual work merges with memory-work to allow for unique meaning-making processes and what Søren Brier has called ‘cybernetics of human knowing.’


Lena Redman