About us

Open Book Publishers is an innovative, not-for-profit Open Access academic publisher based in Cambridge, actively changing the nature of the traditional academic book. We are widely recognised as world leaders in Open Access scholarly monograph publishing, and proud to have published over 90 titles - including works by renowned authors such as Noam Chomsky and Amartya Sen. All our books are available online free of charge, so that everyone can access high quality peer-reviewed research regardless of income, as well as in printed and ebook editions. We are very proud that our these free online titles have now been read by over one million people from more than 200 countries, and are attracting over 300,000 readers per year.


Our internships involve a range of tasks ranging from marketing, to editorial and text formatting. As we are a very small operation our interns have a chance to experience all areas of publishing in a non-corporate environment. Unfortunately we are unable to remunerate our interns, or refund any travel expense. If you would like further information please contact Alessandra Tosi at