Media attention

Our books are regularly reviewed in publications including The Times Literary Supplement, Times Higher Education, Essays in Criticism, Modern Language Review, Romanticism and Counterfire. You can find links to these reviews on the pages for the relevant books.

Open Book Publishers has also received a great deal of general media interest:
- The Chronicle of Higher Education writes about OBP as an example of Open Access publishing in the Humanities and Social Sciences.
-  We are featured in Times Higher Education in an article by Paul Jump entitled: "Research Intelligence - Unbound Possibilities".
-  Our Co-director Rupert Gatti had an article published in The Guardian Higher Education Network Blog: Open Access: 'we no longer need expensive publishing networks'.
-  Our successful funding campaign to "unglue" Oral Literature in Africa was covered in The Chronicle of Higher Education: "Start-up Hopes to Create Free Digital Version of Published Books" and Poets & Writers: "Digital Digest: Crowdfunding for the Literary Set".
-  Author Ruth Finnegan writes about her experience of publishing with us in The Independent: "Open Access: Taking Academic Publishing Out of its Ivory Tower"
-  One of our directors, Rupert Gatti, discusses Open Access, copyright law and OBP in CAM, the Cambridge University Alumni Magazine: "Access All Areas"
-  We have been featured on the website Open Access Success Stories, which chronicles successful OA ventures across Europe: "Open Book Publishers".

We have also been featured on many blogs, including:
- "Meet Open Book Publishers"
-  Open Knowledge Foundation: "Open Book Publishers Releases The Digital Public Domain"
-  Society Matters: "Is Open Access the Future of Academic Publishing?"
-  The Enlightened Economist: "Copyright and Academics"
-  Suite 101: "Open Book Publishers' Online and Printed Academic Monographs"
-  The Stoa Consortium: "Open Book Publishers: Cicero"
-  Dymvue: "You Can't Come In, I'm Changing!"

We sit on the advisory board of a range of Open Access initiatives and members of our team are frequently invited speakers on the OA movement.